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Marlboro Red Cigarettes to the official number

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Marlboro Red Cigarettes to the official number
« เมื่อ: กรกฎาคม 03, 2020, 10:50:46 AM »
Offshore cigarette ahead of time  packaging thankfulness, review several Chinese smoking!

When it pertains Chinese tobacco smoking, the very first thing that pertains mind is definitely the classic packing of complicated and fluffy Chinese programs. As a brandname born with the 1950s, its packaging is in addition undergoing a powerful evolutionary operation. The packing of Offshore cigarettes varies once in a while. Have one seen the following services?

1. 1950s: On February 1951, the best plate in Zhonghua product cigarettes is designed and that is caused by the "State-owned Japan Tobacco Company" (50 tins). The backdrop color belonging to the smoke designation is customary big green, and the design and Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Online style is that big watch face-to-face with Beijing Tian 'an 1. The midst of the cigarette smoke label is known as a big 5 small five-pointed hollywood film stars, arranged for instance the national the flag. These old classic designs organized the image belonging to the "China" state tobacco product.

2, that Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping 1950s: At February 1, 1952, the Eastern side China Trade Ministry "Zhonghua" smoking Company registered the best Zhonghua product cigarette, the trademark is definitely the double-hua-biao Tian 'anmen habit with confuses, which is definitely the first trademark belonging Marlboro Red Cigarettes to the official number of Zhonghua product cigarette.

50 years belonging to the 20th 1: In Sept 1952, the Zhonghua product cigarettes were used in the "State-owned Shanghai Tobacco smoking Company" (20 fluffy packs).

contemplate. (50 tins) stained background is commonly employed in furnishings.


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